Guest posting is a form of content marketing and one of the most common SEO techniques used by solo marketers, brands, and agencies today. A guest post is where someone will write a blog post to publish on a third-party website to promote the site or corporate brand they represent.

The benefits are many, but the most popular is the increase in your website’s position in Google for multiple keywords you want to rank for. You’ll not only get your brand exposed to a new audience on the third-party publisher’s site – but also gain prolonged increases in organic traffic from new visitors finding you in the search engines.

Why does guest posting work? Well, the high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks you get are a core ranking factor in search engine algorithms. To put it simply, if there’s a site above you for a keyword in Google, it probably has either better content or more links.

Guest blogging is, however, very resource-heavy and time-consuming if you don’t have the infrastructure to scale – which is where we come in to do all the hard work for you.